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GTA Member Profile - February 2012

GTA Member Profile - February 2012

City of Columbus - Fleet Management Division
4211 Groves Rd
Columbus, OH 43232

Kelly Reagan, Fleet Administrator

(614) 645-6254

Bill Burns, Fleet Operations Manager
(614) 645-6206

The following information was provided by the City of Columbus - Fleet Management Division

The City of Columbus - Fleet Management Division Overview
The City of Columbus Fleet Management Division provides state-of-the-art total fleet management service, including “cradle to grave” responsibility for over 5,900 pieces of city vehicles/equipment and ensures that the city’s Replacement Standard drives replacement budgets for all vehicles. The Division is the largest municipality in the country that is ASE Blue Seal recognized, with over 80% of technicians with ASE certification. Fleet Management develops and promotes policies that help govern the acquisition, maintenance, use and disposal of vehicles, including the development and implementation of the Mayor’s Green Fleet Action Plan which sets goals and outlines strategies for greening the City’s fleet. 

The City of Columbus - Fleet Management Division Executive Summary
The mission of the Columbus Fleet Management division is to provide fleet management services to City agencies to ensure efficient, safe, reliable, and green vehicle operation and maintenance. The Division maintains all motorized equipment for City departments such as Public Safety, Public Service and Recreation and Parks. In addition to providing vehicle utilization and replacement information and management, Fleet Management also coordinates the sale of surplus vehicles. The Division continues to earn recognition both nationally and regionally for its efficient management, quality staff, superior services, and innovative green practices. Columbus was ranked the 3rd Best Fleet in North America for 2011 through the “100 Best Fleets” program - an annual self-assessment program that measures accomplishments against industry standards. This is the third year Columbus has been in the top twenty out of 100 Best Fleets and the fourth year as a “100 Best Fleets” recipient.

Photo (above right): City of Columbus 24-Bay Auto Shop

In 2008, Columbus opened a new, state of the art maintenance facility that combined six previous facilities into one 150,000 square foot one-stop-shop for City vehicles. This facility has 24/7 staffing capabilities and enables cross training of mechanics.  It is comprised of the latest technology in repair equipment for the automotive and truck repair industry and has a 1500 kw generator that enables the facility to run off the grid for up to a week or more.

Photo (right): City of Columbus 22-Bay Truck Shop

Fleet Management works with community partners and city agencies to identify green opportunities, promote new technological developments and increase training opportunities for employees in an effort to maintain vehicles safely while increasing energy efficiency. Columbus is currently building what will be the largest fast-fill Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fueling station in the Midwest, which is expected to open by March 2012. By mid-2012, Columbus will have 23 dedicated CNG heavy duty vehicles in operation. Columbus was named the #1 Greenest Fleet in North America by the 100 Best Green Fleets program for 2011, up from the 7th spot in 2010. Fleet Management also received the Clean Fuels Ohio “Champions Award” for 2011 for its innovative thinking and progressive practices toward greening the city’s overall fleet.

Photo (right): CNG station groundbreaking ceremony

Typical Services Provided by Fleet Management:

  • Develop, implement and promote city-wide policies that govern acquisition, maintenance, use and disposal of vehicles while working with city departments to reduce underutilized vehicles and eliminate older, high-maintenance units from the fleet.
  • Preventive and predictive fleet maintenance and all general service maintenance repairs for approximately 5900 pieces of equipment.
  • Responsible for alternative fuel programs for vehicles/equipment – including building specifications for alternative fuel vehicles and infrastructure.
  • Coordinate green grant applications and manage all grants related to greening the city’s fleet.
  • Work with the Mayor’s office to implement the Mayor’s Green Fleet Action Plan citywide in an effort to reduce the city’s overall carbon footprint.
  • Risk management for vehicle/equipment damage (recovery, subrogation, claims investigation).
  • Operation of the city vehicle pool, shuttle bus, and bike pool.
  • Emergency support and services for the city’s safety services, including support services for emergency generators.
  • Manage the City’s fueling contracts, fuel cards and 52 fueling locations.

View the City of Columbus' 2013 year-end update to the 2011-2014 Green Fleet Action Plan.