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Lightweight Technology Council

Lightweight Technology Council

The Lightweight Technology Council (LWTC) serves to bring together the work truck professionals, technical experts and government to provide information to the GTA concerning the development and usage of lightweight materials in the manufacture, specification, and operation of truck equipment and related accessories for the following areas of discipline:  

  • Fuel efficiency
  • Vehicle “right sizing”
  • Carbon reduction
  • Operational longevity
  • Recycling
  • General mass-compounding
  • Increased payload

The Lightweight Materials Technology Council intends to:

  • author white papers.
  • partner with Department of Energy 21st Century Truck Team to field lightweight work truck bodies and components as part of their proof of concept trucks.
  • build awareness for continued government research and development grants.
  • create a digital archive of articles, case studies and other real-world information pieces.
  • utilize social media for GTA membership training and as a means of answering questions.

Charter Members:
Eric Paul - Alliance Wireless Technologies, Inc.
Dave King - Ameritech Equip.
Sam Korenstra - Better Way Products
Carla Anglin - BrandFX Body Company
Roger Korenstra - Better Way Products
Joe Middleton - CASECO Truck Body
Omar Sandlin - Drive Products, Inc.
Wayne Durnin - Fiber-Tech Industries Inc.
Pat Godwin Jr. - Godwin Mfg Co Inc
Chris Weiss - Knapheide
Rob Banerjec - Nexgen Composites
Dennis Racine - Switch-N-Go
Jim Kost - Meyer Products
Denis Sankovic - Meyer Products
Shawn Brougham - Altec Industries
Dave Stenson - Inventev
Andrew Schumacher - Reading Body
Frank Voth - Voth Truck Bodies
Albert Ribeiro - Wilcox Bodies Ltd.
Sean Lyden - Lyden Communications, LLC
Doug Gunsaullus - Rugged Steel Works
Mats Elvenger - CopanCo
Trak Coveleskie - Alpha Truck Solutions
Chelsea Uphaus - Roush CleanTech
Doyle Sumrall - NTEA
Bob Raybuck - NTEA
Steve Voth - Voth Truck Bodies
Steve Anderson - Altec Industries
Amy Dobrikova - Intelligent-Fleet Solutions